Mugsang Kuchen Rinpoche

Mugsang Kuchen RinpocheMugsang Kuchen Rin­poche was born to Pen­pa Dor­jee (father) and Son­am Yang­zom (moth­er) in Nepal, on the tenth day of the fourth Tibetan Month with mirac­u­lous signs. At the age of two, His Holi­ness Dud­jom Rin­poche and his Holi­ness Drub­wang Penor Rin­poche rec­og­nized him as the unmis­tak­able rein­car­na­tion of Chogtrul Kun­zang Sherab. From the age of three, Penor Rin­poche looked after him with great com­pas­sion and care. When he reached the age of four, he recieved the Rinchen Terzöd Empow­er­ment cycle from His Holi­ness Dro­drub Rin­poche. Begin­ning from age five, he learned to read and write in Tibetan and began train­ing in the dis­tinct rit­u­als of the Palyul tra­di­tion. Sub­se­quent­ly, he received the Kama Empow­er­ments, instruc­tions on Ngön­dro, Tsa Lung and Dzogchen direct­ly from His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche. Thus he has upheld and con­tin­ued the supreme activ­i­ties of his pre­de­ces­sor. He has stud­ied com­mon sci­ences such as gram­mar, poer­ty , log­ic as well as the uncom­mon sci­ence of Bud­dhist phi­los­o­phy at Ngyagyur Nying­ma Uni­ver­si­ty at Nam­drol­ing in South India.

Mugsang Monastery, Mugsang Thubten Sangn­gag Chöling, is locat­ed in a sacred place in Tibet south­west of Kathok Monastery. “Mug” means slug­gish and “Sang” means clear. Thus “Mugsang” means to clear one­self from slug­gish­ness. The monastery is built at the loca­tion that Ter­ton Migyur Dor­je spent his final days, pass­ing into the emp­ty sphere of truth while sit­ting in med­i­ta­tive equipoise.