Lama Jigme’s Enthronement

Venerable Lama Jigme Chokyi Lodro enthroned as the

Regent and Head of the Palyul Foundation of Canada by the Heart Sons of Penor Rinpoche

Ven. Lama Jigme

Ven. Lama Jigme Chokyi Lodro

On August 21, 2010 in Madoc, Ontario, Ven­er­a­ble Lama Jigme Chokyi Lodro was enthroned as the regent and head of the Palyul Foun­da­tion of Cana­da and Orgyan Osal Cho Dzong Bud­dhist Tem­ple and Retreat Cen­tre by their Emi­nences Gyangkhang Tulku Rin­poche and Mugsang Kuchen Rin­poche, the Heart Sons of the late Kyab­je Penor Rin­poche, who was the 11th throne hold­er of the Palyul lin­eage. This marks the first enthrone­ment of a West­ern-born lama in Cana­da. The enthrone­ment and man­dala offer­ing cer­e­mo­ny was offi­ci­at­ed by Their Emi­nences, who were joined by a del­e­ga­tion of Palyul lamas and monks, includ­ing Khen­po Ten­zin Nor­gay Rin­poche. “On this aus­pi­cious occa­sion endowed with these five per­fec­tions, Ven­er­a­ble Lama Jigme Cho­ki Lodro is enthroned as the regent of the late Ven­er­a­ble Pel­ing Tulku Rin­poche by Their Emi­nences, for­mal­ly autho­riz­ing him to con­tin­ue the enlight­ened activ­i­ty of the late lama,” said Khen­po Ten­zin Nor­gay Rin­poche dur­ing remarks deliv­ered at the enthrone­ment. “The enthrone­ment is also autho­rized by His Holi­ness Kar­ma Kuchen Rin­poche, the present throne hold­er of the Palyul Lin­eage.” “For more than two decades Pel­ing Rin­poche main­tained a pure teacher-stu­dent samaya with His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche, and remained loy­al to the Palyul Lin­eage,” con­tin­ued Khen­po Nor­gay Rin­poche. “To serve the Bud­dha Dhar­ma in gen­er­al and par­tic­u­lar­ly the Palyul Lin­eage, he found­ed the Palyul Foun­da­tion of Cana­da. This lega­cy and its mis­sion will def­i­nite­ly be con­tin­ued by Lama Jigme under the guid­ance and bless­ing of the three Heart Sons. They have total trust and con­fi­dence in him that he will be a true Dhar­ma hold­er and ben­e­fit sen­tient beings.”

Ven­er­a­ble Pel­ing Tulku Rin­poche, the for­mer head of Orgyan Osal Cho Dzong Bud­dhist Tem­ple and Retreat Cen­tre in Madoc, found­ed the cen­tre in 1984 and remained its spir­i­tu­al head until his death in May 2009. His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche enthroned Pel­ing Rin­poche as the mind incar­na­tion of Pad­ma Ling­pa in 2001, the high­est tulku ever rec­og­nized in a west­ern birth. While Pel­ing Rinpoche’s health had dete­ri­o­rat­ed for sev­er­al years pri­or to his pass­ing and his life was made very dif­fi­cult­due to this, his thoughts were always of the wel­fare of those in his spir­i­tu­al care, nev­er for his own com­fort. His courage in the face of adver­si­ty was match­less and a tremen­dous inspi­ra­tion to his stu­dents.

Ven­er­a­ble Lama Jigme Chokyi Lodro, who was born in Nia­gara Falls in 1956, first met Pel­ing Rin­poche in 1976 and took Refuge soon after meet­ing him. Fol­low­ing that, he stud­ied and prac­ticed the Bud­dhist path with Pel­ing Rin­poche, becom­ing his per­son­al assis­tant and tak­ing novice vows in 1980, monk’s vows in 1988 and then full ordi­na­tion (Bikkshu) from His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche in India in 1995. He has received exten­sive and com­plete teach­ings from Pel­ing Rin­poche, as well as many impor­tant cycles of ini­ti­a­tion from His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche includ­ing the Nam Cho, Long Chen Nying Thig and Nying Thig Yab Zhi, the Nying­ma Kama and the Rinchen Ter­d­zod. In addi­tion to assist­ing Rin­poche and man­ag­ing the retreat cen­tre for the past 34 years, Lama Jigme has under­tak­en many long and short retreats of sev­er­al deities, cov­er­ing the four lev­els of tantra. Pel­ing Rin­poche, con­fi­dent in the depth of his prac­tice and under­stand­ing of the Dhar­ma, gave him the title Dhar­ma Acharya and per­mis­sion to teach. Lama Jigme, who is well known and appre­ci­at­ed for his strong devo­tion, dis­ci­pline and humil­i­ty, assumed respon­si­bil­i­ty for the Palyul Foun­da­tion of Cana­da and Orgyan Osal Cho Dzong upon Pel­ing Rinpoche’s death in May 2009. Before pass­ing away, Pel­ing Rin­poche wrote a let­ter to the Heart Sons of His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche nam­ing Lama Jigme as his heart son and Dhar­ma heir. On August 21, 2010 Their Emi­nences Khen­trul Gyangkhang and Mugsang Kuchen Rin­poches, with the autho­riza­tion of His Holi­ness Kar­ma Kuchen Rin­poche, enthroned Lama Jigme as Pel­ing Rinpoche’s Regent and for­mal­ly autho­rized him to con­tin­ue the enlight­ened activ­i­ties of the late Pel­ing Rin­poche.