His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche

Kyabjé Karma Kuchen Rinpoche
His Holi­ness the Fifth Kar­ma Kuchen Rin­poche was rec­og­nized by His Holi­ness Dujom Rin­poche and Penor Rin­poche as the unmis­tak­en incar­na­tion of pre­vi­ous Kar­ma Kuchen Rin­poche, Kar­ma Theg­chog Nying­po.

He was invit­ed to Nam­drol­ing Monastery where Penor Rin­poche looked after him and pro­vid­ed him with basic reli­gious edu­ca­tion. Kar­ma Kuchen Rin­poche excelled in all the monas­tic train­ing and mas­tered all the tra­di­tion­al knowl­edge of The Palyul Lin­eage. He also received numer­ous Nying­ma Teach­ings from great mas­ters such as His Holi­ness Dil­go Khyentse Rin­poche and Penor Rin­poche.

Keep­ing in view of his won­der­ful qual­i­ties of a mas­ter, His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche appoint­ed him as the Head of the Palyul Moth­er Monastery in Tibet in 1994. On 14 August 2000, he was for­mal­ly enthroned as the lin­eage hold­er of the Palyul Tra­di­tion and is now the 12th throne hold­er of The Palyul Lin­eage. Penor Rin­poche on many occa­sions appre­ci­at­ed his efforts in hold­ing the pure lin­eage of Palyul tra­di­tion and dis­sem­i­na­tion of Bud­dha Dhar­ma in the Land of Snows.

The sig­nif­i­cant achieve­ment of Kar­ma Kuchen Rin­poche since his arrival in Tibet was that he had built many tem­ples, stu­pas, prayer wheels, images of deities and oth­er objects of ven­er­a­tion and faith. Under the direc­tion of His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche, he has built a very grand and mag­nif­i­cent tem­ple with­in the monastery premis­es.

Of the many remark­able qual­i­ties that he pos­sess­es, the most strik­ing qual­i­ty is his strict and pure obser­vance of all the vows of a monk. He is thus the embod­i­ment of pure con­duct in these degen­er­ate times.

Long Life Prayer for His Holi­ness Kar­ma Kuchen Rin­poche