Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

Shakyamuni Buddha Image

The final stat­ue before gold leaf is to be applied

An Invi­ta­tion to Par­tic­i­pate in Cov­er­ing the Bud­dha Stat­ue in Gold Leaf

We would like to invite you to share in the mer­i­to­ri­ous under­tak­ing of cov­er­ing the new Bud­dha stat­ue with 23.75K gold leaf by mak­ing a dona­tion towards its pur­chase. Cov­er­ing the Bud­dha will cost approx­i­mate­ly $5,000, each leaf cost­ing $3.00. All dona­tions, large or small, will be received with grat­i­tude.

It is said that the Buddha’s skin was gold­en hued and his body radi­at­ed gold­en light. To sym­bol­ize this, stat­ues of the Bud­dha are tra­di­tion­al­ly cov­ered with gold leaf, a pure, beau­ti­ful and incor­rupt­ible sub­stance. The mer­it result­ing from mak­ing such an aus­pi­cious offer­ing can be for one­self or ded­i­cat­ed to a deceased or ill rel­a­tive or friend, or for the lib­er­a­tion of all sen­tient beings.

Since the mid-nineties, Lama Jigme has want­ed to install a 7 foot tall stat­ue of Bud­dha Shakya­mu­ni in the main hall of Orgyan Dzong’s tem­ple to serve as an object of refuge and inspi­ra­tion for all those who vis­it our Cen­ter, as well as a source of bless­ing for the sur­round­ing area and the whole world. All depic­tions of the Bud­dha are impor­tant in that they remind us of the ulti­mate goal of our prac­tice – that by prac­tic­ing what the Bud­dha taught, each of us is capa­ble of rec­og­niz­ing our inher­ent Bud­dha Nature and becom­ing ful­ly enlight­ened for the ben­e­fit of all sen­tient beings.

In 2011 Lama Jigme com­mis­sioned Tshe­wang Dor­ji, a high­ly skilled Bhutanese artist, to cre­ate a Shakya­mu­ni Bud­dha stat­ue of the finest crafts­man­ship. It was com­plet­ed in the fall of 2015; then filled with mantra rolls, sacred relics and sub­stances that were first blessed by Tulku Dawa and Tulku Ogyen before being care­ful­ly placed inside by Khen­po Pema, Lama Lodro and Lama Jigme.

After the stat­ue was sealed, it was primed, giv­en a base coat of yel­low paint, and then metic­u­lous­ly pol­ished to a fine fin­ish. We are pleased to announce that we are ready to begin the final phase of the project: apply­ing pure gold leaf to the entire sur­face of the stat­ue and its lotus base. This is the last thing to be done before His Emi­nence Gyangkhang Rin­poce vis­its the tem­ple this August 19 — 21 to con­se­crate the stat­ue and per­form the Open­ing of the Eyes cer­e­mo­ny.

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