Reading List


The Tibetan Book of Liv­ing and Dying by Sogyal Rin­poche (an excel­lent intro­duc­tion to the Vajrayana path)

This Pre­cious Life by Khan­dro Rin­poche

Inde­struc­tible Truth by Regi­nald Ray (an overview of the path accord­ing to the Vajrayana tra­di­tion)

The Secret of the Vajra World by Regi­nald Ray (an intro­duc­tion to the path of Vajrayana)

In the Buddha’s Words edit­ed by Bhikkhu Bod­hi (inspir­ing col­lec­tion of short talks by the Bud­dha)

The Jew­el Orna­ment of Lib­er­a­tion by Gam­popa (the stages on the path accord­ing to the Mahayana tra­di­tion)

His­tor­i­cal Back­ground of the Nyingma and Palyul Lineages

A Gar­land of Immor­tal Wish-ful­fill­ing Trees by Ven. Tser­ing Lama Jam­pal Zang­po
(biogra­phies of the great mas­ters of the Palyul Lin­eage)

The Nying­ma School of Tibetan Bud­dhism: Its Fun­da­men­tals and His­tory by Dud­jom RIn­poche

Hid­den Teach­ings of Tibet by Tulku Thondup Rin­poche
(an expla­na­tion of the Ter­ma Tra­di­tion of Tibetan Bud­dhism)

Foun­da­tion and Tantric Practice

The Words of My Per­fect Teacher by Patrul Rin­poche

Tantric Prac­tice in Nying­ma by Khet­sun Sang­po Rin­pochay

The Torch of Cer­tainty by Jam­gon Kongtrul

The Heart Trea­sure of the Enlight­ened Ones by Dil­go Khyentse

Gen­er­at­ing the Deity by Ven. Gyal­trul Rin­poche

Bod­hicitta and Compassion

A Guide to the Bod­hisattva Way of Life by San­ti­deva (Wal­lace trans­la­tion)

Mind Train­ing by Ringu Tulku

Moral­ity and Ethics

Per­fect Con­duct by Ngari Panchen, Pema Wangyi Gyalpo

Bud­dhist Ethics by Jam­gon Kongtrul