Past Event Highlights

Their Eminences Khentrul Gyangkhang and Mugsang Kuchen Rinpoches - August 2010

Their Emi­nences Khen­trul Gyangkhang and Mugsang Kuchen Rin­poches — August 2010

Accom­plish­ing Deity Yoga in Retreat with Nima Tser­ing Rin­poche — Sep­tem­ber 2012

Nima Tsering Rinpoche

Nima Tser­ing Rin­poche

Nima Rin­poche, a well respect­ed schol­ar-yogi of the Palyul lin­eage, was invit­ed to give a series of talks on deity yoga and retreat prac­tice. Using the Rat­na Ling­pa Vajrak­i­la sad­hana as a basis, Rin­poche focused on mantra recita­tion, instruc­tions on doing retreats prop­er­ly, set­ting up an altar, mak­ing tor­mas, etc., but his teach­ings were pre­sent­ed in a way that was applic­a­ble to all sad­hana prac­tice.


Deity Yoga, Wis­dom and Mantra Retreat with Khenchen Tse­wang Gyat­so — August 2012

Khenchen Tsewang Rinpoche

Khenchen Tse­wang Rin­poche

Khenchen Tse­wang Rin­poche spent nine days at the cen­tre teach­ing Patrul RInpoche’s ‘Four Stakes that Bind the Life Force’. His won­der­ful pres­ence and engag­ing teach­ing style made the time pass far too quick­ly and we are look­ing for­ward to his return.





Intro­duc­tion to Deity Yoga by Khenchen Pema Sherab Rin­poche — June 2012

Khenchen Pema Sherab Rinpoche

Khenchen Pema Sherab Rin­poche

Khenchen Pema Sherab Rin­poche, one of the great khen­pos of Nam­drol­ing Monastery, gave the empow­er­ment of Vajrak­i­la accord­ing to Rat­na Ling­pa, and then the read­ing trans­mis­sion and com­men­tary on Shechen Gyaltsap’s com­men­tary on the Utter­ly Secret Razor Knife: Vajrak­i­la. Due to time con­straints, Khenchen was only able to give the first half of the com­men­tary, but we are antic­i­pat­ing his return to com­plete the teach­ing.



Vis­it of Their Emi­nences Khen­trul Gyangkhang and Mugsang Kuchen Rin­poches — August 2010

Ven. Lama Jigme

Ven. Lama Jigme

The Palyul Foun­da­tion of Cana­da was very pleased to host the vis­it of their Emi­nences Khen­trul Gyangkhang and Mugsang Kuchen to Orgyan Osal Cho Dzong from August 19 to 21, 2010 for the enthrone­ment cer­e­mo­ny of Ven. Lama Jigme Chokyi Lodro, and a ganachakra offer­ing in mem­o­ry of the Late Ven. Pel­ing Tulku Rin­poche. On August 21, Ven. Lama Jigme Chokyi Lodro was enthroned as a vajracharya and regent and head of the Palyul Foun­da­tion of Cana­da and Orgyan Osal Cho Dzong Bud­dhist Tem­ple and Retreat Cen­tre by their Emi­nences Gyangkhang Tulku Rin­poche and Mugsang Kuchen Rin­poche. This was the first enthrone­ment of a West­ern-born lama in Cana­da. The enthrone­ment and man­dala offer­ing cer­e­mo­ny was offi­ci­at­ed by Their Emi­nences, who were joined by a del­e­ga­tion of Palyul lamas and monks, includ­ing Khen­po Ten­zin Nor­gay Rin­poche and Tulku Dawa Rin­poche. Please read the announce­ment of Lama Jigme’s enthrone­ment. You can also view a pho­to album with high­lights of the event.



The Laugh­ter of the Daki­nis — the prac­tice of Chod accord­ing to the Longchen Nying Thing — June 2010

Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche

Khen­po Ten­zin Nor­gay Rin­poche

Khen­po Ten­zin Nor­gay Rin­poche came to Orgyan Osal Cho Dzong to teach the prac­tice of Chod accord­ing to the Longchen Nyingth­ig, called ‘The Laugh­ter of the Daki­nis.” Chod refers to cut­ting through the grasp­ing at a self and its atten­dant emo­tion­al afflic­tions. Most famous for its teach­ing on trans­form­ing the aggre­gates into an offer­ing of food for demons as a com­pas­sion­ate act of self-sac­ri­fice, Chod aims to free the mind from all fear and to arouse real­iza­tion of its true nature, pri­mor­dial­ly clear bliss and empti­ness. The prac­tice of Chod orig­i­nat­ed with Phadampa Sangye, who taught it to the daki­ni Machig Lab­dron and this lin­eage has been exten­sive­ly prac­ticed in the Sar­ma (new trans­la­tion) tra­di­tions of Tibetan Bud­dhism. Jigme Ling­pa received this prac­tice direct­ly from a wis­dom daki­ni in a vision, and is part of the Longchen Nyingth­ig cycle of teach­ings. As such, it empha­sizes the view of Dzog Chen, plac­ing greater import on the prac­ti­tion­er real­iz­ing the View of the Great Per­fec­tion than rit­u­al para­pher­na­lia and yog­ic activ­i­ties.

His Holi­ness Kar­ma Kuchen’s Vis­it — August 2009

His Holiness Karma Kuchen

His Holi­ness Kar­ma Kuchen

The Palyul Foun­da­tion of Cana­da was hon­oured by the vis­it of His Holi­ness Kar­ma Kuchen Rin­poche, 12th Throne Hold­er of the Palyul Lin­eage to Orgyan Dzong from August 18 to 20, 2009. On August 19, His Holi­ness gave the empow­er­ment of Rat­na Lingpa’s Vajrak­i­la, the tex­tu­al trans­mis­sion for the sad­hana and blessed the tem­ple. On August 20 His Holi­ness per­formed a ground break­ing cer­e­mo­ny for a three sto­ry tem­ple ded­i­cat­ed to world peace which will enshrine a 13 foot stat­ue of Pad­masamb­ha­va. This stat­ue is one of sev­er­al that Khenchen Nam­drol Rin­poche, one of the senior Khen­pos at Nam­drol­ing Monastery in India, is hav­ing cast and placed in var­i­ous coun­tries around the globe. The tem­ple is being con­struct­ed in mem­o­ry of the late Ven. Pel­ing Tulku Rin­poche.




Longchenpa’s Nying Thing Yab Zhi and Ter­ton Rat­na Lingpa’s Great Ini­ti­a­tion of Vajrak­i­laya by His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche in Toron­to — May 23 to June 3, 2000

His Holiness Penor Rinopoche Toronto 2000

His Holi­ness Penor Rinopoche Toron­to 2000

At the invi­ta­tion of Pel­ing Rin­poche, His Holi­ness gave these teach­ings at Deer Park Church in Toron­to, accom­pa­nied by Drak­mar Rin­poche with trans­la­tion by Sangye Khan­dro and Lama Chonam.

His Holi­ness kind­ly gave the prac­tice trans­mis­sion and ini­ti­a­tion of Lonchenpa’s Nyingth­ig Yab Zhi or Four Branch­es of Heart Essence. It is one of the most famous col­lec­tions of Dzogchen scrip­tures, in which Longchen­pa com­bined the streams of teach­ings from Pad­masamb­ha­va and Vimalami­tra togeth­er with his own mind trea­sures.

The great fif­teenth cen­tu­ry trea­sure reveal­er Rat­na Linga’s trans­mis­sions have been prac­ticed by Nyingma­pas down to the present day.  His Holi­ness and the suc­ces­sive throne hold­ers of Palyul have kept them as their inner­most heart prac­tice.  This Great Trans­mis­sion (wang chen) bestowed all the empow­er­ments and autho­riza­tion to prac­tice the yidam Vajrak­i­laya, who is supreme in over­com­ing all obsta­cles and inter­fer­ences on the path to full enlight­en­ment. At the con­clu­sion of the ini­ti­a­tion, His Holi­ness and his monks per­formed the Dur cer­e­mo­ny, renowned for its abil­i­ty to remove sick­ness, neg­a­tive ener­gies and obsta­cles.

The Guhya Garb­ha Tantra Empow­er­ment by His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche — August 1 to 5, 1997

His Holiness Penor Rinpoche 1997

His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche 1997

In 1997 Pel­ing Rin­poche invit­ed His Holi­ness to bestow the Guhya Garb­ha great empow­er­ment at Orgyan Dzong. His Holi­ness was accom­pa­nied by Muk­sang Kuchen Rin­poche and Khenchen Tse­wang Gyat­so, as well as sev­er­al Nam­drol­ing monks, and trans­la­tion was pro­vid­ed by Sangye Khan­dro.

This empow­er­ment is called “The Net of Illu­so­ry Man­i­fes­ta­tions” from the Guhya Garhb­ha Tantra.

Dodrupchen Jigme Tenpa’i Nyi­ma said, “This glo­ri­ous Guhya Garb­ha Tantra pos­sess­es eight great fea­tures. It is the king of all tantras, pin­na­cle of all vehi­cles, ori­gin of all doc­trines, gen­er­al com­men­tary for all scrip­tur­al trans­mis­sions, core wis­dom intent of all the vic­to­ri­ous ones, ulti­mate state of all results, path that all tatha­gatas have embarked upon, and great path of all true prac­ti­tion­ers.”



Long Chen Nying Thing and Zab Mo Yang Thing bestowed by His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche — August 2 to 14, 1988

HIs Holiness Penor Rinpoche 1988

HIs Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche 1988

Just a few years after hav­ing pur­chased 100 acres of forest­ed land with some very dilap­i­dat­ed build­ings on it, Rinpoche’s stu­dents spent the first part of the sum­mer of 1988 scram­bling to get the cen­tre as pre­sentable as pos­si­ble to host a vis­it from His Holi­ness Penor Rin­poche, the 11th throne hold­er of the Palyul lin­eage, and his ret­inue of 14 lamas and monks, as well as Gyal­trul Rin­poche and Sangye Khan­dro, who trans­lat­ed for His Holi­ness. Pro­fes­sor and Mrs. Her­bert Guen­ther were also invit­ed as spe­cial guests.

Pel­ing Rin­poche had for­mal­ly request­ed His Holi­ness to bestow the (Longchen) Nyingth­ig Zapod and Zab­mo Yangth­ig cycles of teach­ings and ini­ti­a­tions, These teach­ings, giv­en to Jigme Ling­pa dur­ing a series of visions of the great Nying­ma mas­ter Longchen­pa, are a pro­found and crit­i­cal com­po­nent of all Nying­ma lin­eages. At the end of each day’s trans­mis­sion, the lamas and monks per­formed reli­gious dances, such as the Black Hat, Daki­ni, Vajrak­i­la, Snow Lion and many oth­er peace­ful and wrath­ful dances.

Attend­ed by over 120 peo­ple from North and South Amer­i­ca and Europe, this trans­mis­sion, giv­en for the first time in North Amer­i­ca, was a pro­found bless­ing for all those who attend­ed, as well as for the cen­tre itself and Cana­da in gen­er­al.

Lama Dances 1988

Lama Dances 1988

His Holi­ness’ vis­it con­clud­ed with var­i­ous Lama dances being per­formed at the Roy­al Ontario Muse­um in Toron­to.