An Introduction to Buddhism – Theory and Practice


Who was the Bud­dha? What is enlight­en­ment? What does Bud­dhism teach? Is Bud­dhism a the­is­tic reli­gion? How do I begin the path to enlight­en­ment myself? These and oth­er ques­tions will be dis­cussed in a series of talks designed to give an intro­duc­tion to the basic con­cepts of Bud­dhism, its phi­los­o­phy and prac­tice, begin­ning with the life of the Bud­dha, the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eight­fold Path. Key terms such as sam­sara, nir­vana, kar­ma, empti­ness will be dis­cussed in detail as well as the basis of Bud­dhist ethics and appli­ca­tion to every­day life.

Prac­tice – Med­i­ta­tion

What is med­i­ta­tion? Why should I prac­tice it? What can I expect to hap­pen? How do you med­i­tate accord­ing to Bud­dhism? There are innu­mer­able tech­niques of med­i­ta­tion being used through­out the world. Before one begins, it is always wise to exam­ine the source of the tech­nique, its his­to­ry, to ask if it has con­sis­tent­ly done what it claims for many peo­ple over a long peri­od of time, and most impor­tant­ly, what is the ulti­mate goal? All of this and more will be exam­ined and dis­cussed in this sec­tion, along with prac­ti­cal instruc­tions in the tech­niques of Bud­dhist med­i­ta­tion