An Introduction to Buddhism – Theory and Practice


Who was the Buddha? What is enlightenment? What does Buddhism teach? Is Buddhism a theistic religion? How do I begin the path to enlightenment myself? These and other questions will be discussed in a series of talks designed to give an introduction to the basic concepts of Buddhism, its philosophy and practice, beginning with the life of the Buddha, the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eight­fold Path. Key terms such as samsara, nirvana, karma, emptiness will be discussed in detail as well as the basis of Buddhist ethics and application to everyday life.

Practice – Meditation

What is meditation? Why should I practice it? What can I expect to happen? How do you meditate according to Buddhism? There are innumerable techniques of meditation being used throughout the world. Before one begins, it is always wise to examine the source of the technique, its history, to ask if it has consistently done what it claims for many people over a long period of time, and most importantly, what is the ultimate goal? All of this and more will be examined and discussed in this section, along with practical instructions in the techniques of Buddhist meditation


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